Buying Guide for USB-C Cables

by Eula

USB-C cable is the latest version of USB connectors with better performance and specifications. The newest Apple lineup is adapted to USB-C cable connectors for ultra-fast charging and data transfer.

Other than the latest iPhone versions, USB-C cables are also used for the devices of many other brands. These cables are popular because of;

  • Better performance
  • Symmetrical design
  • Can use in smaller connectors
  • Universal and easy to use

As these cables are so popular, many brands and companies manufacture different types of USB-C cables. So, it becomes a hassle to pick one cable from the massive online collection, especially if you are not familiar with these cables.

This article will explain a few significant factors that you should consider before buying the USB-C cables. And other than these factors, you’ll get to know a well-known and reliable brand of USB-C cables from where you can buy your required cable at a reasonable price and superior quality.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying the USB –C Cables

The critical factors are;

1. Compatibility

Just forget everything else and first consider the most important compatibility of USB-C cables with your device. Not all the USB-C cables available on the market are universally compatible.

So, make sure to match the compatibility of your device with the cable. The compatibility range of all the USB-C cables is mentioned in the product’s description.

2. Power Delivery

Primarily the main purpose of purchasing the USB-C cables is their fast-charging capacity. USB-C cables vary in their charging speed with a maximum of 100 wattage power delivery.

You’ll get different options in power delivery like the 18W, 60W, and 100W, which are pretty standard. The 100W USB-C cable can fully charge your device within one and half hours. Usually, the lower wattage cable is used for the iPhones, while the higher wattage cable is used for laptops and MacBooks. You can choose the cable according to your requirement.

3. Data Transfer Speed

The primary function of USB-C cables is also the transfer of data and the charging. The data transfer speed of USB-C cables varies from 480Mpbs to 20Gbps. Between these two values, you can choose a cable of your requirement.

4. Cable Length

Generally, the buyers forget about considering the length of USB-C cables and other factors. Well, the length of USB-C cables is as much important as any other feature. Make sure to purchase a long cord to use the cable-free to a long distance.

5. Design

The USB-C cables are coming up with some innovative designs, and one of the most popular is the L-shaped design. In an L-shaped design, the connector of the cable is bent so the user can use the cables conveniently. Make sure to choose a convenient and innovative design for better usage.

6. MFi Certification

Before buying the USB-C cables, check whether the cable is MFi certified or not. Pick only the authorized cable because these cables are designed to ensure the complete safety of devices from over-heat and over-voltage.

7. Price

The price of quality USB-C cables is a bit high than the local unauthorized cables. The piece of USB-C cables also gets increased with their performance and other specifications. So, you can pick a cable that you need within your budget.

Ugreen – An Excellent Solution for USB-C Cables

Ugreen is a well-known brand of electronic products from where you’ll get a massive range of USB-C cables with varied features, designs, prices, and specifications. All the cables of Ugreen are MFi certified.

You can visit the Ugreen official website to check the cable’s range and specifications and order one of your requirements.


USB-C cables are quite new, so many users are not aware of their specifications and features. If you are going to buy a cable for your device, ensure to keep all these factors in mind to pick the best product.

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