The Difference Between A Water Wave Wig And A Deep Wave Wig

by Eula

The water wave wig and deep wave wig look almost the same. Therefore, many people find it difficult to distinguish between the two. The deep wave curl pattern is not the same as the water wave. Furthermore, the hair volume of the lace front wig is also different. But, at a glance, the two wigs look almost similar. If you wish to learn more about the difference, below are some pointers.

Water wave and deep wave wig definition

The water wave hair curls are flowy, effortless, and sleek. Additionally, manufacturers sew the curls very closely. The close sew ensures they have more volume. Furthermore, they are very large; thus, the wig is classy and elegant. The wig’s elegant look has contributed significantly to its popularity in the market. 

The deep wave wig closely resembles the water wave. It is popular among African American women. The popularity is because of its tight curls. Furthermore, it appears to be much neater than the water wave wig. 

The main differences between the water wave wig and deep wave wig

1. Water wave wig and deep wave wig curl pattern

Many people may have trouble distinguishing between both wigs’ curl patterns. They consider them to be one and the same. But the hair in the deep wave faces one direction while the water wave faces the opposite direction. Therefore, if you are going for a neat hairstyle, the deep wave is the most appropriate. 

2. Appearance

Even though it is difficult for some to differentiate between them, their appearance is not the same. The water wave appears to be more curly. Therefore, the deep wave is a perfect option if you want a natural-looking style. But if you want the bomb style, the water wave is the best option. Different people have different hair requirements. Therefore, the type you pick should coordinate well with your tastes.

3. Water wave wig and deep wave wig volume

Manufacturers sew in the water wave’s hair more closely together than the deep wave hair. Thus, it has more volume. Additionally, the water wave’s hair faces opposite directions; it appears to have more volume. The deep wave wig is much flatter than the water wave.

Similarities of water wave and deep wave hair
· Human hair

Both the water wave and deep wave hair are 100% virgin human hair. Thus, they both blend in perfectly with one’s hair. Also, they are natural-looking.

· Tangle free

Both wigs do not tangle easily as long as proper maintenance is applied. Therefore, the tangle-free wigs are long-lasting. Furthermore, the tangle-free feature ensures that the wigs maintain an incredible appearance throughout their service period.

· Hair length

The deep wave and water wave hair lengths are available from 8 to 28 inches long in the market. Therefore, one can choose from a variety of hair lengths. 

· Soft

Both wigs have an incredibly soft texture. The soft texture ensures that the hair is soft to the touch. It is also very comfortable.


The similarities between the water wave and the deep wave wig ensured that they could not be not easily differentiated. Therefore, one needs a very keen eye to tell the difference between the two. The above can act as guiding factors in distinguishing the two types of wigs.

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