How Does Buying FIFA Coins Work?

by Eula

FIFA coins are essential to upscale your game and players; moreover, they increase the value of your gaming ID. You can go with the traditional grind and win or learn how to buy futcoins for smarter gameplay.

While purchasing coins, you may have crossed paths with two common words, the ‘Player Auction’ and ‘Comfort Trade.’ What are these, and how are they different? Is one more secure than the other? The terms mentioned above are different methods for buying coins. However, knowing the difference between them is crucial so you can decide which one to choose.

What Is Player Auction Trading Method?

The Player Auction method allows you to buy coins without waiting for the supplier to get them. You choose a player and exchange it for coins. The websites specify which players you need to exchange according to the number of ordered coins.

It is a bit complicated and uncomfortable for beginners, although safe. So you can research around and understand the process. The advantage of Player Auction trading is that you don’t have to give your login info to a third-party website. Ultimately keeping your ID from unauthorized access and the transfer is relatively faster than Comfort Trade.

What Is Comfort Trade Trading Method?

The Comfort Trade method requires you to hand over your account’s login information to a third-party website to buy coins. The method doesn’t require you to sell your cards or players in exchange for coins.

Comfort trading is safe, reliable, and straightforward. All you have to do is order the number of coins and supply your login information. When the seller has the required amount, he will transfer it to your account. It is a standard pick for beginners as there is nothing complicated.

However, supplying your information is risky because the seller may steal all your existing coins. Therefore, it is vital to use trusted sellers for Comfort Trading.

How To Buy FIFA Coins from FIFA COIN

Using Comfort Trade

  1. Log in to your FIFACOIN account and click on FIFA coins 22.
  2. Next, select your console and type the amount you want. You can also choose a coin pack from the ones available on the website.
  3. Choose your payment method and click Checkout. Now click on Get Coins on the top bar, and the Get Coins page appears. Choose Comfort Trade and then click Go.
  4. Enter your account details and then click Submit. It will take some time to complete the process.

Note: There should be at least 5000 coins in your account, and you must log out of your account on all devices during the coin transfer.

Using Player Auction

  1. Log in to your FIFA account and click on Get Coins and select the number of coins available in your account. On the Get Coins page, click the Go button next to Player Auction.
  2. The Player Auction page appears. Read the instructions on the page, go to your transfer market, and list the players.
  3. Now switch to the FIFACOIN website and select the listed players with starting and buy now prices. Then click Buy Now for each player. When listing players on the transfer market, make sure to list them for 24 hours only.
  4. Keep track of the Delivery History section and let the transfer complete. After the transfer, you can log into your FIFA account, and the coins will be there.


You can buy FIFA coins via the Player Auction or the Comfort Trade mode. Although players use both, the Player Auction mode is slightly tricky compared to the Comfort Trade.

The former requires you to sell your players and gain coins, while the latter requires you to give your account details to the supplier so he can transfer the coins when available.

Both methods are safe; however, you must be more careful when using the Comfort Trade method as you risk your credentials to a third-party website. FIFACOIN is a trustworthy FIFA coin seller with a massive fanbase due to its reliability and efficiency. If you want to buy FIFA coins, there is no better option than FIFACOIN. Moreover, the website covers the EA tax on Player Auction trade, so you get the exact amount of coins you ordered.

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