The Equipment Comprised In Network Racks

by Eula

An aisle is an emergency exit route for cords. Cold aisles help prevent obstructions and blockages while maintaining the temperature of the containment units. Cold aisle containment manufacturers work with network rack suppliers to enhance the performance of the racks. Network racks are structures used for various housing types of equipment in data centers. They help promote the organization in the data centers and enhance the data center equipment’s safety, security, and performance. This write-up looks into network rack equipment. These are tools stored in the network racks.

Types of equipment stored in a network rack

A network rack is used to store a wide range of equipment used in data and network centers. Below is a list of appliances and equipment that can be housed in the network rack or cabinet:

1. IT production equipment

One of the top applications of network racks is storing IT production equipment. Examples of such production tools are servers, network switches, routers, and telecommunications hardware, to name a few. Each of these appliances plays a significant role in fulfilling the purpose of IT installation. The racks are usually designed specially to accommodate this equipment.

For instance, their size is determined by the size of the equipment. In this case, manufacturers use the same size standards as IT production equipment. This is done to guarantee that the equipment fits and moves freely within the network racks.

2. IT infrastructure

Network racks are also used for storing IT infrastructure. These are tools that support the operation of the IT production tools. Examples of IT infrastructure are Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, Power Distribution Units, cable managers, and patch panels. Most network racks are designed to accommodate this equipment effortlessly. This is done by ensuring that the size of the network racks is compatible with the size of the equipment.

Note that there are specific types of network servers designed for IT infrastructure. These network racks are manufactured following the standard sizes of the IT infrastructure.

3. Rack accessories

The best network rack manufacturers also manufacture rack accessories. These are tools used to ensure the proper functioning of the racks. They are also used to ensure that the storage function of the rack is more effortless and the organization is enhanced. Examples of network rack accessories are fans and fan compartment units. The role of the fan is to prevent overheating of the components within the network racks. There are also cable connectors and shelves used as rack accessories. They are used for promoting added neatness within the frames. Note that the types of accessories may differ from one network rack brand to the next. Some network rack manufacturers only provide the essential accessories, while others offer several kinds of accessories for the user to select.


More often than not, network racks come with removable mounting brackets. They are used to fasten vertical rack rails with screws. They are also used to ensure that the products stay within the racks, to ensure neatness and prevent damages. Note that heavier equipment may require horizontal rails and shelves that mount in the racks. They offer superior support compared to the latter.

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