Ways to Get FUT coins on FIFA 22

by Eula

How to buy fifa coins is probably one of the major questions on the mind of a real FIFA player. This question most likely comes because the FIFA player also loves to play the FIFA ultimate team option. FIFA is a dynamic game with thousands, if not millions of players globally. It is one of the most popular video games online, and the ultimate team option is a smart way to have the best players compete against each other. To compete properly on the FIFA Ultimate team, you need fut coins. These fut coins will enable you the opportunity to grow and build your team to a formidable level where you can compete against the best.

Traditionally, the only way to get these fut coins is by earning them through playing. However, the amount of fut coins you earn by playing is minute and would not serve the purpose of growing your team quickly. If you have a bit of patience and you want to walk the long walk, you can play these games and earn these coins. By playing these games consistently, you are getting better with the consoles hence when you have a good team, you can compete against anyone with the skills. Most gamers do not usually have enough patience. We believe as long as we are doing great controlling the small teams, we can compete. Therefore, true gamers are used to finding other means to play the game. Some other ways to get FUT coins asides from earning them includes

Through squad building challenges

A squad building challenge is one of the quickest methods to get fut coins on FIFA 22, if not the fastest. In this process, you will buy a player that will complete some challenges. When they complete these challenges, the player’s value will increase, and as such, you get to sell them for a higher price. To earn points on the squad building challenge, you have two different methods to try. It is either you are either predicting or using the solutions watching method. In the prediction method, you are guessing the challenges to be released for the squad. The game follows a pattern strictly, and as such, you can predict. In the solution method, you use popular demand to make more points. By discovering the popularly used squad by members, you get to know the cards that are high on demand and make money from them.

Through chemistry styles

As the name implies, the chemistry style of earning fut coins involves using player chemistry to increase value. For example, if you will typically sell Mohammed Salah for 30k coins, you can increase the chemistry and sell him for more than 40k coins.

Through open bids

The open bids method is like the traditional trading methods we enjoy globally. This method involves getting a card at a lower price during the open bid and selling it at a higher price much later. Usually, the increase in demand for the card will cause scarcity, which in turn, will lead to higher prices.


You can also earn through player snipping and through out of packs method. But the methods discussed above are the fastest and easiest methods.

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